‘Young London Painters’

Admission Productions presents

Young London Painters

Curated by Hector Campbell


22nd – 24th November

Arthill Gallery, North End Road, West Brompton, W14 9NU

Opening: 22nd November, 7-10pm

On View: 23rd & 24th November, 10am-5pm


Featuring :

Lydia Blakeley

Elisa Carutti

Minyoung Choi

Emily Herring

Jonathan Kelly

India Nielsen

Marco Piemonte

Rhiannon Salisbury


‘Young London Painters’ is the first stand-alone exhibition presented by production company Admission Production, as well as independent curator Hector Campbell’s first London curatorial project. The exhibition presents the work of eight emerging artists currently living and working in London, all either currently enrolled in, or recently graduated from, some of the most prestigious art schools in the country. With artists from Goldsmiths, Chelsea College of Arts, The Slade School of Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, Turps Banana Painting Program, Royal College of Art and the University of Edinburgh, the exhibition showcases some of the most exciting young painters producing work in the capital today.

Lydia Blakeley employs the experience gained during her past work in fashion retail to explore the complex world of contemporary culture. Her paintings weave together layers of retro, dream-like nostalgia, the aspirational narrative of reality television and cannibalistic consumption of celebrity to offer alternative understandings of the world we live in. Elisa Carutti’s paintings contain evidence of their making, the layering of colours, shades and shapes evolve across the canvas, texture built up across the surface with sand. This clear addition and subtraction of ideas and processes comment on ideas of integration between organic, architectural and celestial forms.

Minyoung Choi’s paintings echo her other practise as a poet, the surreal scenes suggesting an extended narrative that the viewer can only continue in their imagination. Often anthropomorphic animals inhabit her fairy-tale landscapes, occupying the spaces and interacting with the objects that symbolise memories of the artists’ childhood. Emily Herring uses layers of paint on wax to create her photorealistic portraits, which explore themes such as gender, public manipulation and women’s representation in the media. Her process of scraping away the wax surface creates textured works that aim to reflect the distressing and scaring nature of public harassment which affects a large proportion of women regardless of their age, race, ethnicity or sexuality.

Jonathan Kelly’s work balances in the sweet spot between primal artistic expressionism and structured, mannered geometrism, resulting in works comparative to religious iconography and symbolism. The flat finish of Kelly’s paintings demonstrate his considered craftsmanship through which he questions more universal concerns, creating his own idols and deities that demand devotion. India Nielsen’s paintings appear to contain an inherent battle, as different ideas, styles and subject matter fight for attention on the canvas, an approach she uses to comment on the current age of information overload. The inconsistencies within our lives and experiences are laid bare in the works, which defy and transcend stereotypes and labelling.

Marco Piemonte’s paintings take to task the traditional ideas and iconography of classical and representational art, updating these concepts for the digital age through the addition of computer manipulation. The artist’s hand, therefore, becomes more apparent within the works, with the abstracted aspects evidence of their creation. Rhiannon Salisbury uses found imagery from fashion magazines and advertising campaigns, re-interpreting and recontextualising this imagery in such as way as to question the influence of, and importance placed on, image in today’s society. Through these paintings, Rhiannon highlights the often regressive and detrimental subliminal messages evident in the representation of women in popular and commercial culture.



Lydia Blakeley (born in Reading, lives and works in London) is currently completing an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmith, having graduated with a first class BA (Hons) from Leeds College of Art in 2016. She has had two solo exhibitions, ‘You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie’ at The Boardroom, Leeds Arts University (2018) and ‘Leisure’ at Vernon Street Gallery, Leeds College of Art (2017). She has been involved in group exhibitions at Enclave Projects, Arthouse1, Post_Institute, Chelsea College of Arts, Curwen Gallery, Old Truman Brewery (London), Leon Collective HQ, Studio 24, LS6 cafe (Leeds), Quay Arts (Isle of White) and Syracuse University (New York).

www.lydiablakeley.com @lydiablakeley

Elisa Carutti (born in Milan, lives and works in London) recently graduated with an MFA in Painting from the The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL, London), having completed a BA at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan). Her first solo exhibition, ‘5 Windows + 1 Cabbage’, took place at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan in 2016. She has been involved in group exhibitions at Chalton Gallery, Austin Forum, Tripp Gallery (London), Altomani & Sons Gallery, Stecca 3.0 Milan Design Week, Milano Electronic City 2014 (Milan) and Zeuxis Galerie, Galerie Gauche, ENSBA (Paris). She undertook the Joya: AiR Residency in Granada, Spain in 2017, the LLP ERASMUS Programme at Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts in Paris in 2013 and was a Finalist in the 2014 Premio Combat in Livorno, Italy.

www.elisacarutti.com @elisa_carutti

Minyoung Choi (born in Seoul, lives and works in London) recently graduated with an MFA in Painting from The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL, London), having completed an MFA and BFA at Seoul National University’s Graduate School and College of Fine Arts respectively. She has had three solo exhibitions, ‘On Water Under Snow’ at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff (2017), ‘We Go Forward/We Come Back’, Olvera Contemporary Art Centre, Spain (2017) and ‘White Soda’  63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul (2013). She has been involved in group exhibitions at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Griffin Gallery, Exchange House, GX gallery, Austin Forum, The Mall Galleries, The Crypt Gallery (London), Museum of Art SNU, Hangeul National Museum (Seoul) The Art Foundation (Athens) and Darren Knight Gallery (Sydney). She undertook the Olvera Contemporary Art Centre Residency in Spain in 2017.Minyoung was awarded the Next Generation Art Prize, Wells Art Contemporary Award (2018) and the The Henry Tonks Prize (2017) as well as being shortlisted for the Beep International Painting Prize, Gilchrist-Fisher Award and Dentons Art Prize (2018), the Almacantar Studio Award, Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studiomakers Prize, Chadwell Award and Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize (2017), the Wells Art Contemporary Award (2016).

www.minyoungchoi.co.uk @minyoung._.choi

Emily Herring (b. Surrey, lives and works in London) recently graduated with a first class BA (Hons) in Painting from the University of Edinburgh. Her first solo exhibition ‘I AM NOT YOUR BABY’  took place at DOK Artist Space in Edinburgh in 2018. She also recently took part in a live painting commission for fashion brand Temperley London to celebrate the Royal Academy of Arts 250th Anniversary. Emily’s work will be featured in the annual New RSA Contemporaries at the Royal Scottish Academy in March 2019.


Jonathan Kelly (born in Hereford, lives and works in London) recently graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Royal Academy Schools, London, having completed a BA (Hons) in Painting from Wimbledon College of Art, London and a Foundation Dip in Art & Design from Hereford College of Art and Design. He has had two solo exhibitions, ‘Idol Hands’ at IVI, London (2016) and ‘Waiving Not Drowning’ at Griffin Gallery, London (2014). He has been involved in group exhibitions at Herrick Gallery, Tripp Gallery, Piccadilly Arcade, JM Finn, Ionne & Mann, Royal Academy of Art, John Martin Gallery, Construction Gallery and Continental Operations Gallery (London) Six Gallery (Bournemouth) and The Pipe Factory (Glasgow). He undertook the ‘Da Vinci Residency’ at Galeriehaus Defet, Nürnberg, Germany in 2016 and the Faschingbauer-Schloss Residency, Cologne. Jonathan was awarded the Griffin Gallery West London Art Prize (2013), and was shortlisted for the Griffin Art Prize (2017).

www.jonathan-kelly.com @jonathankelly_

India Nielsen (born in London, lives and works in London) recently graduated with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art, having completed a BA in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art. Her first solo exhibition, ‘Seer Kin Lives’, took place at Jack Bell Gallery in London in 2016. She has been involved in group exhibitions at The Hockney Gallery, Gallery 46, The Horse Hospital, Tripp Gallery, Matt’s Gallery, Limbo, The Peckham Experiment Building (London), Assembly House (Leeds) and Im Labor Gallery (Tokyo). India was awarded  The Villiers-David Bursary, Royal College of Art (2017) and The Steer/Orpen/Charles Heath Clarke Bursary, The Slade School of Fine Art (2016). India is currently undertaking an apprenticeship with the artist Ida Ekblad in Norway.

www.indianielsen.com @indianielsen

Marco Piemonte (born in Rome, lives and works in London) recently graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. He has had seven solo exhibitions, at Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London (2018), Stour Space Gallery, London (2016) Forty7Gallery, London (2015 + 2012), Villa Paola, Rome (2007), Ofr Gallery, London (2006) and Pharaphernalia, Rome (2000). He has been involved in group exhibitions at Warbling Collective, Bo Lee Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, Dray Walk Gallery, Studio1.1 Gallery (London) Project Berlin Gallery (Berlin), Galleria Stella and Galleria Barberini (Rome). Marco was a Fashion Design, Visual Communication and Digital Design Lecturer at the Marangoni Institute in London between 2004-2015, and a Creative Illustration and Essential Fashion Design Lecturer at the LCCA in London between 2016-17.

www.marcopiemonte.com @marcopiemonte_

Rhiannon Salisbury (born in London, lives and works in London) recently graduated from the Turps Banana Painting Program, having completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Her first solo exhibition, ‘Accessorise With A Tiger’, took place at Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh in 2018, with her second opening at Darbyshire Ltd. in London on Nov 21st (runs to February 21st 2019). She has been involved in group exhibitions at COB Gallery, Subsidiary Projects, Flowers Gallery, A.P.T. Gallery, Transition Gallery, Cookhouse Gallery, Punctum Gallery (London) and Gift Shop Gallery (Seattle). She undertook the Panorama Residency in Guadalajara in 2015/16, the Rimbun Dahan Residency in Malaysia in 2014 and an Art Program Scholarship in Rome in 2012. Rhiannon has been awarded the Darbyshire Prize for Emerging Artists (2018) and the John Hoyland Scholarship, Chelsea College Of Art (2015).

www.rhiannonrebecca.net @rhiannon_r_salisbury





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