Lonely Planet ‘Street Art’ – Researcher

A global street art guide compiled and written by Ed Bartlett of The Future Tense.

Lonely Planet Street Art is a unique 224-page hardback book detailing over 140 hotspots and 15 annual festivals in 42 cities around the world.

Launching on April 15 2017, Lonely Planet Street Art Features over 100 leading artists and including interviews with Blek le Rat, Vhils, Faile, Faith47, Remi Rough, Nunca and NuArt Festival founder, Martyn Reed. The guide was compiled and written by Ed Bartlett, founder of The Future Tense.

Each city features an introduction, map and guide of key hotspots as well as pinpoint locations for important pieces, many of which are documented with full-colour photography.

As well as key cities, the book also profiles 15 of the leading international street art festivals

*Hector assisted Ed Bartlett in the compiling of Lonely Planet ‘Street Art’, including working on the research, artist liaison and photograph sourcing, as well as the subsequent book launch as part of the ‘Future Tense x Arnolfini’ weekend*

Lonely Planet Street Art

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Brooklyn Street Art

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